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Company Profile

K-Tech (India) Limited, a 2000 establishment has become specialized in manufacturing Speciality Additives and Speciality Chemicals. The Manufacturer and Exporter ships printing inks, textile chemicals, process & functional chemicals, pigment synergists & additives,Hammertone Additive, leather finishing additives, paints & coatings, such as hammer tone additives, anti-sagging compound, foam control, etc., to all parts of India as well as European, Asia Pacific and African countries. These chemicals and additives developed using cutting edge technology find application in industries, such as textile, garment, paper, leather, wood, etc. The personnel at the company continually strive to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. 

Key Facts :

Business Type

Exporter, Supplier and Manufacturer

Primary Competitive Advantages

Best quality products at highly competitive price, and on-time delivery

No of Staff


Year of Establishment


Export Markets

European, Asia Pacific and African countries

Import Markets

Asia Pacific countries


Indian Small Scale Paint Association (ISSPA), All India Printing Ink Manufacturer's Association (AIPIMA) and Indian Paints Association (IPA)     

Product Range

  • Speciality Additives

    • Paints & Coatings: Drying Control, Rheology Control Viscosity Stabilization, Hammer Tone Additive, Anti-Flooding/Anti-Floating/Anti-Settling, Wetting-Dispersion & Stabilization (Solvent Based & Aqueous), Anti-Sagging Compound, Foam Control, Emulsifiers for Resin System, Substrate Wetting & Surface Appearance, In-Can Preservation, Anti-Settling Agent, Corrosion Inhibitor

    • Printing Inks: Surface Appearance & Substrate Wetting, Pigment Wetting-Dispersion & Stabilization Dispersion Control, Offset Control, Transfer Control, Rheology Control, Anti-Blocking & Anti-Blooming, Drying Control, Adhesion Promotion

    • Plastics & Rubbers: Primary Antioxidant, Lubricant Cum Wetting & Dispersing Agent of Pigment, Plasticizer for Nylon & Polyamides, Stabilizer & Polymerization Catalyst

    • Additive for Allied Industries

  • Speciality Chemicals

    • Textile Chemicals: Wetting Agent, Scouring Agent, Mercerizing, Desizing Agent, Leveling & Dispersion Agent, Polyester Dying Additive, Dye Fixing Agent, Wash & Soaping Off Agent, Biocide, Softener, Repelling Agent, Sequestering Agent, Defoamer & Deaerator

    • Process & Functional Chemicals: Defoamer & Deaerator, Emulsifier & Dispersant, Slimicide & Biocide, Corrosion Inhibitor, Pour Point Depressor, Degreasing & Cleaning Agent, Flocculant & Sequestrant, Mud Chemical & Additive, Effluent Treatment Chemical

    • Paper & Pulp Chemical: Deinking Agent, Slime Control Agent, Defoamer & Deaerator, Wet Strength Improver, Water Repellent, Pulp Flocculant, Retention Agent, Dispersing Agent, Sizing Agent, Bidding Agent & Wax Emulsifier

    • Pigment Synergists & Additives: For Liquid Ink Application, Plastic & Rubber Application and Enhanced Pigmentary Properties, Anti-Oxidants for Pigment Application, Non Silicon Defoamer for Pigment Preparation, Synergists Catalysts for Organic Pigment Synthesis

    • Leather Finishing Additives: Wetting & Dispersing Additive, Foam Control Agent, Speciality chemicals, Deaerater, Synthetic Tanning Agent, Touch-Handle & Feel Modifier, Flow & Leveling Agent, Fat Liquor, Impregnating Agent & Binder.

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