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At present, the products of K. Tech (India) Ltd. are highly acclaimed in many a European, Asia Pacific and African country for their unmatched quality. On the path of further expanding our product portfolio and offer more choices to our clients, we also import a range of high quality products from many Asia Pacific countries.

With our worldwide reputation as a highly reliable source for the best speciality chemicals and speciality coating additives, our company is a reputed member of different organizations like Indian Small Scale Paint Association (ISSPA), All India Printing Ink Manufacturer's Association (AIPIMA), Indian Paints Association (IPA), etc.

Our Product Range

Enriched with several years of experience in research and production of speciality chemicals and additives, K. Tech (India) Ltd. offers a massive product range. We are the manufacturer, exporter of the following range of products-
  • Speciality Additives
    • Paints & Coatings: Drying Control, Rheology Control Viscosity Stabilization, Hammer Tone Additive, Anti-Flooding/Anti-Floating/Anti-Settling, Wetting-Dispersion & Stabilization (Solvent Based & Aqueous), Anti-Sagging Compound, Foam Control, Emulsifiers for Resin System, Substrate Wetting & Surface Appearance, In-Can Preservation, Anti-Settling Agent, Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Printing Inks: Surface Appearance & Substrate Wetting, Pigment Wetting-Dispersion & Stabilization Dispersion Control, Offset Control, Transfer Control, Rheology Control, Anti-Blocking & Anti-Blooming, Drying Control, Adhesion Promotion
    • Plastics & Rubbers: Wetting agent, Primary Antioxidant, Lubricant Cum Wetting & Dispersing Agent of Pigment, Plasticizer for Nylon & Polyamides, Stabilizer & Polymerization Catalyst
    • Additive for Allied Industries
  • Speciality Chemicals
    • Textile Chemicals: Wetting Agent, Scouring Agent, Mercerizing, Desizing Agent, Leveling & Dispersion Agent, Polyester Dying Additive, Dye Fixing Agent, Wash & Soaping Off Agent, Biocide, Softener, Repelling Agent, Sequestering Agent, Defoamer & Deaerator
    • Process & Functional Chemicals: Defoamer & Deaerator, Emulsifier & Dispersant, Slimicide & Biocide, Corrosion Inhibitor, Pour Point Depressor, Degreasing & Cleaning Agent, Flocculant & Sequestrant, Mud Chemical & Additive, Effluent Treatment Chemical
    • Paper & Pulp Chemical: Deinking Agent, Slime Control Agent, Defoamer & Deaerator, Wet Strength Improver, Water Repellent, Pulp Flocculant, Retention Agent, Dispersing Agent, Sizing Agent, Bidding Agent & Wax Emulsifier
    • Pigment Synergists & Additives: For Liquid Ink Application, Plastic & Rubber Application and Enhanced Pigmentary Properties, Anti-Oxidants for Pigment Application, Non Silicon Defoamer for Pigment Preparation, Synergists Catalysts for Organic Pigment Synthesis
    • Leather Finishing Additives: Wetting & Dispersing Additive, Foam Control Agent, Deaerater, Synthetic Tanning Agent, Touch-Handle & Feel Modifier, Flow & Leveling Agent, Fat Liquor, Impregnating Agent & Binder.

Our Quality

Since our inception, K. Tech (India) Ltd. has been well known in the industry for its consistent adherence to an unmatched quality standard as well as its continuous endeavor to frequently upgrade the product range with enhanced quality. This reputation is the result of our maintenance of a well defined quality management policy. As per this policy, our experts at the in-house quality control unit perform stringent tests upon the products at every level of production- right from the procurement of raw materials to the final inspection and packaging of the finished products. International quality standards are observed in case of every single product, providing our products a global acclaim by our numerous clients.

Our Infrastructure

The massive central production unit of K. Tech (India) Ltd. is situated close to the city of Thane and Mumbai. This unit is highly sophisticated and equipped with a range of advance machinery for the production of speciality chemicals and additives with the usage of the latest manufacturing techniques. In addition, we have a warehouse facility spread over an area of 5000 sq. ft. and ultra modern in-house facilities for quality control and R&D. All these infrastructural elements, combined with the dedicated service of our highly skilled team of technocrats, empower us to cater all the requirements of our clients with the best services and products in the industry.

Research and Development

It is becoming more apparent of K-Tech(India) Limited uninterrupted development in the subcontinent's chemical and additives market. Since 2000, K-Tech is agilely securing up a substantial market share in outlooks of taking more of the Indian market that has been subjugated by giant competitors that are existing since a long period of time.

With hard market situations globally K-Tech has been able to perform extremely well in recent years. While sales have been on an addition, disbursement administration has become a center of focus for all of our chemical makers. One area where K-Tech is not cutting their costs is in it's Research and Development in expectations of advancing their production. The company enhanced their development cost from a very low percentage of revenue in 2002 to a comparatively high number till date. With every fiscal year, now today K-Tech had been observing enormously increased revenue by nearly three times multiplied than that in it's early stage of existence in the subcontinental markets. Challengers of K-Tech nevertheless are not imitating this enhanced line item.

Present-day market demands are powering additive makers like K-Tech to create the most efficient and effective additives and coatings, keeping them a preferable option for our consumers. By increasing the efforts spent on research and development K-Tech is now quickly progressing their overall blistering functionality. What was once realized as a sub-par chemical additives company could now be researching and developing its way ahead the manufacturing stage.

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